How to Find Linked in URL

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How to copy a link

Most desktop web browsers and programs will allow you to copy a link from a website. You can usually find the URL at the top of the browser, either above or below open tabs or bookmarks. Chrome browsers may not display the https or http prefix until you click the address bar. Once you’ve clicked on the link, you can copy the URL with your keyboard by holding down the “Ctrl” and “C” keys.

You can copy any link from any website. The web link can be a picture or a text link. Once copied, you can paste it anywhere on the web page. To do this, you need to hold down the cursor for a moment and release it when a magnifying glass or an indicator under the cursor appears.

Alternatively, you can copy hyperlinked text. However, this does not always display the web address. If you want to copy the address and paste it elsewhere, you need to click on the “Copy” button or click on the “Paste” icon. You can also press “Enter” to paste the address.

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