How to Get to Antigua

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If you’re not sure how to get to Antigua, you should know that there are several options available to you. These options include local buses, car rentals, and flying. Read on to learn more about your options. Once you arrive in Antigua, you can plan your trip by selecting an option that best meets your needs.

Local buses

Antigua is a popular tourist destination and there are several ways to get there. The most common way to travel is by minivan shuttle. There are several companies that run these shuttles regularly to various tourist destinations around Antigua. You can also board one at the airport kiosk. The shuttles generally charge between Q75 and Q90 per person and leave when full.

Antigua is serviced by national and international buses. If you are traveling to Antigua, you can find the best bus routes by searching online. You can filter results by price, date, and distance. You can also find buses for the smaller island of Barbuda. In addition, there are a variety of taxis available in Antigua.

The cheapest, safest, and most convenient way to travel from the airport is by airport shuttle. Pre-booking a shuttle will ensure that you don’t have to wait in line and get stranded. A shuttle van will be waiting at the airport when you exit the airport. Depending on the traffic, the ride will take over an hour.

Another option is to ride the chicken bus. These buses are a great way to see the local countryside without paying a lot of money. They are cheap, and offer a fascinating view of Guatemalan life. However, they do not have any seat belts and are usually packed with passengers. If you are lucky enough to find a seat, consider yourself very lucky.

An Uber ride from Guatemala City to Antigua costs around USD 23 if you travel outside peak hours. If you want to travel faster, you can hire a taxi or take a rental car. Those options can cost up to USD 35 one-way. You can also hire a taxi to get you from the airport to the main bus terminal in Antigua.

Car rental

If you plan on exploring Antigua on your own, getting a car rental will help you do so. The island is only 173 square kilometers and 20 kilometers long, so you can drive around several times during the day. Car rental deals are available at the airport. The best price is usually available if you rent a car for 7 days. It’s also a good idea to pre-book a car if you’re traveling during the high season.

Driving in Antigua is easy, but you should pay attention to local road rules and signs. The island drives on the left, which may be confusing to drivers from the UK or US. Locals will be very patient with tourists who look lost. However, you should also be aware of speed limits, which are 20 kilometres per hour in the city and 40 km/h in the countryside.

Antigua is a small island in the West Indies. It is fourteen miles long and 11 miles wide, which makes it one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean. Antigua’s airport provides limited car rental options. To find a cheaper option, use a discount website such as Hotwire.

There are several car rental agencies in Antigua. If you want to save money, rent a compact car as they use less gas. It’s also important to make sure you book ahead of time. Some rental companies will deliver your car to the airport. You should also consider your preferences and budget before booking a car.

Getting a car rental is a great way to explore Antigua. It’s a convenient way to explore the island and avoid any delays. The island has 365 white-sand beaches. The beaches are often in remote spots or at the end of tiny roads.

If you’re traveling to Antigua, you should make sure you have a valid driver’s license. This permit can be obtained from most car rental agencies for $20. While driving in Antigua, remember to drive on the left side of the road. You’ll find many popular car rental agencies on the island, including Drive-A-Matic Car Rentals and Pete’s Taxi and Car Rental.

Flying to Antigua

If you’re looking for a vacation spot in the Caribbean, Antigua is a fantastic destination. This former British colony is home to 365 miles of pristine white-sand beaches. The island is an English-speaking country, but the people are truly Caribbean, with colorful clothes, reggae music, and rum punch.

Antigua is accessible by air from many countries. Direct flights from the UK take about eight and a half hours. There are also indirect flights from other UK airports, including Manchester. British passport holders need not apply for a visa when flying to Antigua. They will receive a visitor’s permit allowing them to stay for a specified period of time. This permit can be renewed and extended.

Passport: Most travelers who fly to Antigua must have a valid passport. However, the requirements vary, depending on the country in which the traveler is from. A valid passport must be valid for six months beyond the date of departure. The CDC order states that travelers from certain countries must carry proof of vaccination. If you are traveling on a nonimmigrant visa, you will need to provide proof that you have been fully vaccinated.

Airlines offering flights to Antigua vary in price. Some airlines offer discounted tickets on certain days. If you are on a tight budget, search online for the best deals. The cheapest flights to Antigua can be found using Netflights. The search results will list the airline that offers the best deals. In addition, you can use the month-by-month view to see the lowest airfares to Antigua.

Antigua and Barbuda recently revised their travel advisory to address concerns about the COVID virus. The updated travel advisory will help facilitate the movement of passengers. Vaccination for the COVID virus has helped reduce COVID 19 infection levels in the region, and the island remains focused on ongoing interventions to protect its residents.

The island offers a classic Caribbean experience with endless supplies of rum, lush tropical vegetation, and picture-perfect beaches. Couples, families, and intrepid travellers alike will love Antigua. With cheap flights and a great selection of activities, the island is sure to satisfy all your needs.

Airlines offering flights to Antigua vary in cost and flight times. If you want to fly cheaply, consider buying a ticket in September or April. Prices increase significantly in July, June, and May. Last-minute bookings can cause flight prices to go up by 30%. The best airline to fly to Antigua is American Airlines.

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