How to Highlight on a Mac

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You can highlight text on a Mac by selecting it and then choosing the paintbrush icon in the upper-right corner. This will open the Format panel on the right. To the right, you will see font options, including bold (“B”), underline (“U”), strikethrough (“S”), and underline (“U”). Select one of these options to select the formatting style and open the Advanced Options menu.


When working on a document, you may need to highlight text. Highlighting text in Pages is a great way to make it stand out and be easily found. It also allows you to add notes to the text, which can be useful for later reference or collaboration. The notes can be made visible to other people, so you can easily leave them for collaborators to see.

Pages allows you to highlight text in any document. When you highlight text in Pages, the text will be highlighted in a different colour. You can choose from several different colours, so you can highlight your text in any way you want. You can also change the background colour of selected text. The following steps demonstrate how to highlight a page in Pages.

In Pages, you can highlight multiple pages at a time. You can even select a color for each page. Just select the color you want and click on it. You can also change the color of the text to any other color. You can also set different colors for each person so that each person can use a different color.

In Pages, you can also add comments to the text you highlight. You can add a background color to text by clicking on it or double-tapping it. Then, you can change the color and add a comment if needed. You can also use this feature if you need to share the document with someone else.

In order to highlight text on a Mac, you first need to select the text you want to highlight. You can then click on the shift+command + H button, or you can use a third-party program. Once you have done this, you can highlight a number of pages at a time, and you can even highlight the text on multiple pages.

If you want to highlight text in a PDF, you can do so from the menu bar or by opening it with Pages. In Pages, you can choose to highlight text on different lines or columns, or just highlight the text in a single column. Alternatively, you can use a PDF conversion tool, which offers free PDF conversion.


Many people want to customize the size and color of their mouse pointer, and Almighty allows you to do so. Activating Almighty on your Mac is easy and you can change the size of your cursor with a click. This mouse pointer customizer also unlocks over 50 Mac shortcuts.


PDFelement is an excellent and affordable solution for editing and creating PDF files. The program allows you to make changes to entire blocks of text, add comments, and convert PDFs to Word and Excel. It’s available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Compared to other PDF editors, PDFelement is easier to use and costs less. Moreover, it comes with a free version for basic functionality.

PDFelement Pro for Mac can import a PDF with highlight text and gives you access to its Markup tools. Press the arrow button to select the highlighted text. You can change the color of the text with the corresponding options. Once you have selected the text, you can change its formatting to make it stand out from the rest.

PDFelement highlights on a mac are a useful option if you want to make your documents more appealing to your eyes. Highlighting a PDF is an excellent way to emphasize specific content, and it helps you mark important concepts in a document for further study. The program’s intuitive interface makes it easy to highlight PDFs without much hassle. It also offers a specialized tool for adding corrections.


The Setapp app is a great way to enhance the native Mac experience. The app installs itself on your Mac without requiring you to log in to an external app store. It’s fast, seamless, and offers recommendations based on your usage. Setapp also lets you quickly browse through your entire library and find favorite apps.

The Setapp app is available on both Macs and iOS devices. It offers a massive library of macOS apps, largely in the productivity and task management categories. This makes Setapp a great choice for freelancers and developers. Although it’s not available on Windows, you can download the iOS version for free to use on your Mac. This is a good option for those who are looking to learn about Mac hacks.

The free trial periods for both personal and business users are seven days and fourteen days respectively. At the end of the trial, you can cancel the subscription. You don’t have to enter your payment details when starting the free trial, but you must do so at the end of the trial period. The trial is available on a trial basis only and cannot be used to purchase the app.

The Setapp app is an app store that offers subscriptions to more than 60 apps for Macs. Each one is hand-picked by MacPaw, the company behind Setapp. The goal of Setapp is to create a win-win situation for developers and users. The subscription provides a wide variety of apps, a quick and easy path to a big user base, and a sustainable additional revenue stream.

Setapp also has other options for enhancing your Mac experience. In addition to the Mac app store, Setapp also offers game streaming software and keyboard overlays. You can even customize your mouse cursor and make presentations with it. The free trial allows you to download Setapp and try it out for seven days.

The Setapp suite includes useful applications that will enhance your remote working experience. One of these applications is the Unibox email client, which automatically sorts your contacts based on the date they were last emailed to you, helping you avoid contact list confusion. Another app, the Shimo app, allows you to access your office network remotely. It also handles multiple connections at a time.

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