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Whether you’ve bought a car and want to play your music through it, or you just want to give the idea a try, you should know that there are many ways to do it. The easiest way is to just listen to music through the car’s audio system, but there are also some great car things that can do the same thing.

It’s easy to set up

Having a Car Thing is a lot easier than it might sound. All you need is a Bluetooth connection, a USB port, and a way to plug your phone into your car’s stereo. Then you’re good to go.

The device works by pairing your phone with the Spotify app. Once you set up your account, the app will pair with the Car Thing automatically. Once it’s set up, you can use voice commands to control the device. You can ask it to “play” music, a station, a podcast, or an album. You can also search for specific tracks or playlists.

The Spotify Car Thing is designed for those who love to listen to music while they’re driving. Its interface is easy to navigate. You can use the touchscreen, a large side dial, or voice commands to move around the screen. You can also save your favorites to a preset button.

The Car Thing’s interface includes a home page, which shows your library and shuffles. It also has a “Voice” tab that allows you to browse through your playlists and recent vocal queries. The home page also includes a play/pause button. You can pause the music, seek a track, or disable the shuffle.

You can also create a home screen shortcut for your favorite Spotify playlists. You can also assign specific playlists to physical buttons. The device is powered through a 12V power outlet in your car. If you have a third-party charger, you need to ensure it has enough juice.

The Spotify Car Thing is not a free service. It costs $90, which is the same as nine months of Spotify Premium.

It’s easy to use

Using a device like the Spotify Car Thing is a great way to listen to your favorite music while driving. This smart player lets you control playback through taps, swipes, and voice commands. But before you buy one, you should know that this product only works with a Premium subscription to Spotify.

In addition to playing your favorite songs, the Car Thing can also control the volume, shuffle, seek, and save. It also has a built-in voice assistant, so you don’t have to fiddle with your phone while driving.

The user interface is simple. It has a list of recent search results, and a “Voice” tab for voice search. The buttons on the top are presets for playlists, albums, and radio stations. The back button returns you to the previous screen. There are also larger controls for playing and pause.

The app is available for both Android and iPhone. It pairs with the Car Thing automatically after initial setup. The phone then sends the audio via Bluetooth. You can search for specific content from the iPhone app, or search for playlists through the Spotify app.

It’s easy to mount the device on the dashboard of your car. It comes with three mounting options. You can stick it to the air vent, mount it to the dash, or attach it to the CD player slot. It will need to be powered up and connected to your Bluetooth device, though. The unit will show a QR code when it’s first power up. You can use this QR code to get started.

The Car Thing will be updated in the future with features that include night mode and the ability to answer phone calls from the display. In the meantime, it’s a good idea to avoid sticking your phone on the dashboard.

It’s a leveled-up version of using Spotify on your phone

Developed by Spotify, Car Thing is a leveled up version of the mobile app. The hardware device enables you to play your music in your car with ease. Using voice commands or swipes, you can control your music from the comfort of your car. You can also play more specific albums and artists.

The Car Thing connects to your phone over Bluetooth, if your car has a Wi-Fi connection, or USB. You can then access the app via the touch screen. You can also assign specific playlists to the physical buttons. The device is powered by the car’s 12V power outlet. It can be mounted to your dashboard or a CD player.

Although the app is easy to use, there are some limitations. It does not support navigation and Android Auto. It is also not compatible with used cars. And, unlike other car-tech devices, the Spotify Car Thing requires a Premium subscription. This restricts its usefulness.

The app enlarges the controls to make it easier to navigate the interface while driving. It also includes a “Hey, Spotify” command. It will play and pause your music, as well as add songs to your listening queue. It’s not a substitute for a handsfree calling system, but it does the trick.

You can control the Spotify app via touch, voice and gestures. The app has a built-in “Car Mode” that will search your library and show you recently played songs. You can also skip, shuffle, and like tracks. The app also features a night mode and other features.

You can also set up a shortcut to play one of your favorite Spotify playlists on your home screen. You can also create a custom QR code that will open the Spotify app when you start the car.

It’s not equipped to interface with other apps on your phone

Despite its name, the Spotify Car Thing is not equipped to interface with other apps on your phone. Instead, it controls playback of your music. It only works with premium subscribers. It also costs $90, which is a little more than nine months of a Spotify Premium subscription.

The device connects to your phone through Bluetooth. It then works with your car’s audio system via an auxiliary analog input or a USB outlet. The quality of the sound depends on the settings in your phone, as well as the acoustic quality of your car’s speakers.

The unit has a 4.6-inch display that features a touchscreen. The screen is partially blocked by a large rotary dial. The screen also includes a series of buttons. It has a mute button, a back button, and four customizable shortcuts to your favorite artists and albums. The buttons can also be set to trigger specific songs or playlists. The device can also use voice commands.

Spotify Car Thing is available only in the US for premium subscribers. The company has said that it will expand its sales in the United States in the future. However, it has not indicated how many people will be able to purchase one.

In the meantime, users can opt into the Car Thing invite program. It’s possible that Spotify will release a replacement feature in the future. That could include a new UI for iOS users. It’s also possible that future updates will only add simple play, pause, and skip controls.

While the Spotify Car Thing is a great way to stream music from your smartphone in your car, it’s not a very good way to control your music. It’s not compatible with older vehicles and it only works with Premium subscribers.

It’s not particularly good audio quality

Despite its name, the Spotify Car Thing is a very simple music player. It mounts on your dashboard and uses Bluetooth to stream audio. It also includes a few buttons, like a volume slider, that allow you to control the playback. Its screen is just over three inches in size, so it’s not too big to fit in the palm of your hand.

The Car Thing’s main features include a dial that lets you control the volume and playback, as well as a back button to go back to the previous screen. It also has a few buttons along the top.

The dial feels great, and it can work as a physical alternative to a touchscreen. The interface is simple to navigate, and it shows recent search results and favorites. It also includes a nifty voice search feature, which makes it even easier to find a song you want to listen to.

The biggest drawback to the Car Thing is that it is only available to Spotify Premium subscribers. You can use it, however, if you aren’t paying the $10 per month fee. There are cheaper ways to get access to the service, including Amazon’s Lossless Audio streaming service.

The Car Thing can be a useful tool for those who own a car that doesn’t support Android Auto. The device also has some interesting features, such as a night mode and the ability to answer phone calls from the display. But if you are an avid Spotify user, the Car Thing may not be worth your time and money.

The car kit is basically a smartphone that’s mounted on your dashboard. It’s a relatively compact device that reportedly has 4G and voice controls.

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