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For anyone who is interested in listening to the best quality music, Spotify Premium is a great choice. With a selection of over 30 million songs, you will definitely be able to find the right one for you. It has also become possible to listen to Lossless streaming, and curated content, which means that you will be able to enjoy the very best audio quality.

Time Capsule

If you’ve been using Spotify for a while, you’ve probably heard of its ‘Time Capsule’ feature. Essentially, it’s a customized playlist that is created based on your musical tastes, listening history and location. It’s designed to bring you back to your teenage years, as well as your favorite songs from decades past. You can even enter to win prizes!

You can find the Time Capsule playlist on your desktop or mobile app. It’s available on the Home page and in the Made for You tab. You can also try it out in the Decades Hub on the mobile app.

Spotify’s Time Capsule is a playlist that’s designed to take you back to your youth. It pulls 30 iconic hits from your early 20s and then compiles them into one two-hour mixtape. You can test it out by visiting the Made for You tab on your desktop or the Decades Hub on your mobile app.

Unlike other personalization features, the Time Capsule is not a clone of any other playlist. It’s designed to be unique to each user, as it’s based on the preferences of listeners and is updated regularly. You’ll want to check it out, but you might not enjoy all of the tracks.

In addition to the Time Capsule, you can check out the ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist, which is a compilation of popular music. It’s compiled every Monday. In 2015, it reached 1.7 billion streams.

You can also check out the ‘Wrapped’ feature, which reveals statistics about your listening habits. It displays your most-listened-to songs, podcasts and countries where you’ve listened to music. You can also find out what your friends are listening to.

Finally, you can enter to win prizes from Spotify. You can post videos of the first time you listened to a certain song, and you’ll be eligible to win a prize. You don’t need to be a Premium subscriber to take part in this giveaway. It will be open to all users in 60 markets.

Spotify is always adding new features and making sure they’re a good fit for their user base. The company has been investing heavily in recommendation features and has taken a couple of major moves, including acquiring companies such as Sonalytic and Niland.

Lossless streaming

If you’re looking to stream lossless music, you’ll want to choose a service that’s compatible with your devices. Fortunately, several services offer high-resolution audio streaming. Those include Amazon Music HD, Tidal, and Spotify. But the question remains: how much will it cost?

In February, Spotify announced an upgraded plan, called HiFi, that would provide lossless audio for subscribers. The company didn’t confirm when this would be available. But it did say that the feature was coming soon.

In May, Apple introduced its own lossless tier. Apple says that all of its catalog is available in lossless. It also added support for Dolby Atmos. At the time, Eddy Cue, head of Apple Music, said that he couldn’t tell the difference between lossless and compressed tracks.

Since then, though, the company has been quiet. It doesn’t have any concrete timing or details for when it’ll launch, but the service was tested with a small group of users in 2017.

Spotify’s lossless tier isn’t the only one on the market. There’s also Tidal, which offers a premium $20 tier for high-res audio. However, if you’re interested in the most high-resolution audio available, the best bet is Qobuz. It has a huge catalog of lossless tracks, and an easy-to-use app. It doesn’t offer karaoke or auto-generated radio stations, but it’s a solid option for audiophiles.

While these services can all be accessed through mobile devices, you’ll want to use Wi-Fi for any lossless streams. In fact, many streaming services recommend that you don’t even listen to them through cellular connections. And you’ll also want to make sure you have top-notch headphones. If you can, try listening through a wired connection. If you’re using Bluetooth, make sure it supports the right protocols.

The HiFi feature will be a subscription upgrade, and you’ll need to sign up for it. It’s unclear if the service will have a dedicated lossless music library. But it’s also possible that it will simply pay artists more for their high-resolution streams.

If you’re wondering how much will it cost, you’ll need to find out the price of your particular plan. Spotify’s plans come in five different types: Regular, Premium, Premium Duo, Family, and Platinum.

Curated content

Curated content on Spotify is something that sets the platform apart from its competitors. In a nutshell, curated content is music or video that has been compiled in a way that is not only engaging, but has a specific purpose.

Creating a curated playlist for music lovers is an easy way to connect with fans and show off your talents. However, there’s more to it than merely sifting through thousands of songs. Creating a curated playlist can help you build a community, thereby connecting you to the people who matter the most.

Curated content on Spotify includes the Discover Weekly playlist, which is a collection of the top tracks of the week, as well as the most popular ones. It also incorporates the listening habits of other Spotify users, which makes the playlist more personalized.

Curated content on Spotify also includes the “Wrapped” feature, which lets Premium subscribers see statistics about their favorite tracks for the entire decade. The Daily Mixes feature six personalized music playlists, which include a variety of songs that match the genre of the song being played, along with similar songs performed by a particular artist.

The most interesting thing about curated content on Spotify is the fact that users can use the service for free. Those with a Premium account can get exclusive new releases from some of the biggest artists of the year. And with a free tier, there’s no limit on how many songs you can listen to in a given day.

In addition to curated content on Spotify, there’s a plethora of other features that make it a great music streaming service. For example, it offers a messaging app that eliminates the need for emailing or texting friends, and allows users to share songs with their Facebook friends. Plus, it’s available on smartphones and PCs.

Finally, Spotify’s newest feature, the playlist, is a no-brainer. Unlike most streaming services, users can create their own music playlists. They can then save them and access them later. And, like other platforms, Spotify allows users to block certain types of music.


Spotify is a great music streaming service that boasts an impressive catalog. It’s available in over 180 countries and offers music in a number of formats. It also allows users to access almost everything in the catalog for free. That makes it a popular choice, but it is falling behind rival music services when it comes to high-quality streaming. Fortunately, this hasn’t stopped the company from experimenting with new features. It’s currently testing a hi-fi streaming quality setting. This feature may soon come to Spotify Premium.

One of the biggest requests from users was for higher-quality sound. Fortunately, Spotify is working with the world’s largest speaker manufacturers to create a lossless audio streaming tier. Using Ogg Vorbis, the format is said to deliver high-quality sound. However, it will depend on the devices and speakers used.

The new HiFi tier is expected to cost more than the standard Premium plan. Although Spotify hasn’t revealed a price, it’s likely to charge more than $20 per month. That would put it at par with Apple Music and Amazon Music HD.

The ‘HiFi’ tier will allow users to listen to CD-quality music through Spotify Connect. It will also work on Spotify Connect-enabled speakers. In addition, it will enable users to upgrade their current premium subscription. Eventually, Spotify might offer a free trial for HiFi users. But when that happens, it’s unclear whether the feature will be offered for regular or premium subscribers.

In February of 2021, Spotify announced plans to launch a new feature called ‘HiFi’. It will allow Premium subscribers to upgrade their music streams to more CD-quality music. In order to experience ‘HiFi’, subscribers will need to install a Bluetooth speaker with the appropriate protocols. Until then, users can only play their songs through the Spotify app.

There’s no concrete information about when the hi-fi tier will be released, but it’s likely to happen soon. It could be within a month or two. In the meantime, users can switch to other streaming services if they prefer.

As for pricing, Spotify is still gauging audiophiles’ willingness to pay for the feature. It’s possible that if there’s not a lot of interest, it might be dropped. The company has a history of launching new features and then delaying or cancelling them later.

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