The Benefits of Drinking Olive Oil

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Having a good intake of olive oil can be beneficial to you. It can help reduce your blood pressure, help you lose weight and even give you anti-inflammatory properties. These benefits are just a few of the many reasons you should start drinking olive oil.


Several sources claim that drinking olive oil is an age-old practice in Mediterranean regions. This may have originated with ancient rituals of anointing royalty or important people. Another possible origin is the Greek poet Homer, who reportedly referred to olive oil as liquid gold.

The olive tree has been cultivated in the Mediterranean basin since the eighth millennium BC. Evidence of olives’ consumption has been found in tombs and in archaeological sites throughout the Bronze Age.

The olive has been an important part of Mediterranean diets for thousands of years. It is now grown on 23 million acres in the Mediterranean basin, and new plantings are being made in Argentina, Chile, Australia, and California.

It has been used in various religions as a health measure and as a general medicinal treatment. For instance, the prophet Muhammad instructed followers to apply olive oil to the skin. Other ancient cultures also used olive oil to make soap, consecrate the dead, and to anoint important people. During the Exodus from Egypt, only olive oil was allowed in the seven-branched menorah used during the Mishkan service.

The Greeks imported olives into Italy around 1000 bce, and they brought back a variety of Mediterranean goods. They travelled westward into Morocco, France, Portugal, and Spain. These areas were likely the origin of many different olive varieties.

Today, olives are still planted in the Middle East. There are still shrub-like “feral” olives, which represent the original stock.

Health benefits

Thousands of years ago, the Greek poet Homer referred to olive oil as “liquid gold.” Today, people from Mediterranean countries swear by drinking olive oil straight as a health elixir.

Extra virgin olive oil contains high levels of antioxidants and healthy fats. These fats can help lower cholesterol and protect against heart disease. They also boost vitamin E intake.

In addition, monounsaturated fats found in olive oil reduce bad LDL cholesterol and inflammation. This may also aid in weight loss. In fact, people who drink olive oil on a regular basis are less likely to develop breast cancer.

Research shows that consuming more than half a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil daily can cut the risk of coronary heart disease. The benefits of drinking olive oil on a regular basis also include a reduced risk of stroke and blood clots. These conditions occur when blood clots form in the blood vessels that connect the brain to the rest of the body. The clots can block the brain, leading to a stroke.

If you’re interested in learning more about the health benefits of drinking olive oil, you’ll need to consult a doctor. It’s important to discuss your current health and weight with your doctor before making any changes to your diet.

Some studies have shown that people who drink extra virgin olive oil on a regular basis have lower incidences of cancer and dementia. They have also shown that it can decrease the risk of depression.

Weight loss

Despite the popularity of olive oil, there is little evidence to support that it is the answer to weight loss. In fact, it may harm you if consumed in excess. It has been shown that monounsaturated fats are actually good for you, reducing your risk of heart disease and even improving your overall digestive health.

One of the best uses for olive oil is as a cooking ingredient, where it imparts a unique flavor to your dishes. Using it for cooking helps to reduce the calorie content of your food.

Olive oil is also considered an anti-inflammatory. It contains antioxidants called polyphenols, which soothe internal inflammation. These same antioxidants help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications.

The best time to drink olive oil is during the morning, when your digestive system is most receptive to it. However, it can be difficult to consume an oily substance on an empty stomach. If you are not accustomed to it, large amounts can cause stomach upset.

The other best time to drink olive oil is at night before bed. This is especially important if you are trying to lose weight. It is also a good idea to consult a dietitian or doctor before attempting a new diet plan.

Another benefit of drinking olive oil is that it helps reduce your cholesterol level. Studies have found that people who consume olive oil as part of a healthy, plant-based diet are less likely to develop coronary artery disease.

Blood pressure reduction

Several studies have shown that drinking olive oil for blood pressure reduction can help lower the amount of medication you need to take. Some research shows that daily use of olive oil can reduce the dose of medication you need to take by as much as 50%.

For example, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that you should consume at least 1 1/2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil per day to reduce your risk of heart disease. According to the University of California Davis Olive Center, 2 tablespoons per day can also reduce your risk of heart disease.

There is some evidence to suggest that olives are a good source of polyphenols. These compounds have many health benefits, including reducing nitric acid levels. They can also increase the availability of nitric oxide, a molecule that helps maintain a healthy blood pressure.

In addition, there are several studies showing that foods rich in antioxidants may help lower your blood pressure. Olives are packed with phenols, which are antioxidative compounds that can help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

In a February 2014 study, researchers found that a modest amount of extra virgin olive oil can improve your heart health. They found that monounsaturated fat in EVOO can lower your blood pressure. This type of fat is good for your heart because it raises your HDL cholesterol and decreases your bad LDL cholesterol.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Several studies have shown that drinking olive oil can be beneficial for your health. It can help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and dementia. It also has antioxidant effects. In addition, it may help your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins. It can also improve joint function and cognitive health.

Scientists have found that the polyphenols in olive oil help to lower C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation. In addition, phenolic compounds in olive oil induce apoptosis, or cell death, which makes cancer cells less likely to spread. The researchers also found that oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid, has anti-inflammatory effects. It can also protect your red blood cells from damage.

Besides its antioxidant properties, olive oil has been linked to a decreased risk of heart disease. It is also known for reducing the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

Research has also shown that it can help prevent bacterial diseases, including ulcers and cancer. In addition, olive oil has been known to lubricate the intestinal tract and reduce production of gastric acid. It can also stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. These benefits may be related to its ability to bolster the immune system.

In the United States, many consumers choose to buy extra virgin olive oil, which contains a higher concentration of healthy fats and antioxidants. This type of oil is unrefined and has a stronger flavour. It is considered the highest quality.

Taking it on an empty stomach

Taking olive oil on an empty stomach can benefit you in several ways. It has anti-inflammatory properties that improve your health and strengthen your immune system. It’s also loaded with healthy fatty acids that fill you up and make you eat less. Using it as an alternative to butter in cooking can help you lose weight quickly.

Olive oil can reduce cholesterol levels and protect you from heart disease and Alzheimer’s. It also relieves constipation and helps your digestive tract function properly. It’s best to consult your doctor before taking it. It can also react with medications you’re taking for diabetes.

If you’re looking to increase your Vitamin A and C intake, consuming a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil on an empty stomach is an ideal way to do it. It’s also good for cleansing your gall bladder and liver.

If you’re on a strict diet or want to lose weight, a small amount of extra virgin olive oil can help you achieve your goals. It’s important to avoid excess though, as the fat content in it can be harmful. You should also consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet.

In addition to its benefits, olive oil is a great way to relieve rheumatic pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties that work to modify pathways activated in the liver. Taking the right amount can help you feel better after a few days.

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