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Using video effects is one of the ways to make a movie more exciting. There are several different types of video effects that you can use, including slow motion, text, stickers, and more. In this article, you’ll learn how to add effects to a video and how to create your own slow motion videos.

Create a slow-motion video

Using TikTok to create a slow-motion video can be fun and easy. You can record a video, insert a slow-motion effect and publish it to your profile. You can even save the effect for later use.

Creating a slow-motion video can add an extra boost to your videos. This is especially useful if you want to show the intricacies of a dance move. You can also add other effects such as animated texts and filters to your video. You can also add a watermark and voice-over to your video.

To add a slow-motion effect to your TikTok video, you’ll first need to choose a clip to add it to. Once you’ve selected a clip, you’ll need to choose whether you want the effect to slow down the video, speed up the video, or reverse the camera direction.

Then, you’ll want to decide the timing of the slow-motion effect. You can do this by changing the settings in the app. The timing of your slow-motion effect will affect the overall quality of your content. You can adjust the time interval of your video in the time effects drop-down menu.

You can also apply the effects to your video while you’re recording. This is the easiest way to do it. You can either right-click a clip to show its keyframes, or you can drag a green square to a desired location. Then, you’ll be ready to add your slow-motion effect.

If you’re looking for a more professional way to create a slow-motion video, you might want to check out a pro-grade video editor. You can find one for free online. Some of the most popular editing software include Premiere Pro and BeeCut. You’ll also want to make sure you download your videos from the TikTok site.

If you’re looking for supplemental editing software, you can try Mojo, which has 400 different filters to choose from. Another option is VEED. It’s free to use and offers full slow-motion control. You can also upload videos to VEED, split them into parts, and edit them to create an amazing video.

Add text and stickers

Adding stickers and text to a TikTok video is a great way to increase the impact of your message. There are plenty of options to choose from, including regular TikTok stickers and hashtags. You can also add custom text and music, and perform other edits. You can also use an external app for more effects.

You can add effects to your video before or after you record it. You can also create a custom GIF to use as a sticker. This is useful if you’re planning on posting your video to YouTube.

You can adjust the size of the sticker, and move it around the screen. You can also add multiple stickers at once. You can also change the duration of the sticker. You can even change its color.

You can customize the text on your video by choosing from a variety of fonts and colors. You can also highlight certain words and have the text move along with your video. You can also set a background for the text.

You can also add music to your TikTok video. You can also add filters. You can find stickers that are relevant to your video by using the search function. You can also try out other effects on other videos before posting yours.

The iMovie app for iOS and macOS allows you to add animated stickers to your videos. You can also split your video into sections, or cut out parts of the video. This can be helpful for editing a TikTok video. You can also import videos from Google Photos or My Media.

You can change the text on your video by changing the font, the color, and the size. You can also highlight specific words or highlight CTAs. You can also set the text to follow the beat of a song.

You can also change the color of the text on your TikTok video. You can do this by selecting a different color dot. You can also change the alignment of the text by tapping the text alignment bars.

You can also add text captions to your TikTok video. This is similar to the way you would add text on an Instagram Story. You can also have the text stick around for your entire video, or disappear when your video transitions.

Change the way you appear in a video

Using the TikTok video effects, you can create dynamic and engaging videos that are fun and interesting. The filters can be added to a video before or after recording. These filters can help you change the way you appear in a video.

The filters are located on the right side of the screen. There are several categories. Some are only available before you record your video. Others are only available after you record your video.

The filter expressify magnifies your eyes and mouth, causing you to appear larger than life. It also exaggerates certain facial expressions.

The text captions feature lets you add captions to your video. You can choose a font, color, and size. You can also adjust the alignment of your text. You can also highlight specific words or phrases. You can also resize the text by pinching or zooming.

You can also add a voice-over to your video. The Voice-over feature is located on the right side of the screen. You can select the voice you want to use. You can also edit the volume of your voice. This feature is useful for accessibility. You can also choose a transition for your voice-over.

TikTok has a variety of stickers. These stickers are similar to the stickers used in Instagram Stories. They include trending stickers, such as polls, emojis, and face zoom. You can also find stickers that are relevant to your country.

You can also change the background of your video. You can either replace the background with another video or turn it to a blank background. You can also change the color of your background. You can also add an animated GIF. You can also add multiple stickers throughout your video. You can also use these stickers to interact with your audience. You can also search for stickers that are relevant to your video.

When you are done editing your video, you can save it. You can also upload it to YouTube. If you want to share your video with friends, you can tag them in your video.

Trim a video

Using the TikTok app, you can trim a video with a variety of effects. You can also add text, animations, sound, and filters. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. It is easy to use and includes a video editor.

To start trimming, you need to choose the start and end of your video. The timeline appears at the bottom of the screen. Simply drag the handles to select the beginning and ending points of your video.

The next step is to adjust the length of your video. You can choose to edit the duration of each clip, or you can trim the entire length of the video. If the length is over 15 seconds, you will need to use the Sound Sync feature. This tool auto-trims the clips to match the dominant sound in the background.

After you have selected the desired length, you can move the Horizontal Resize pointer to the desired location. It will change to a horizontal line with arrows on both ends. Then, you can trim the video from both sides.

Once you have completed your trimming, you can upload the finished video to TikTok. You can select to share it with your friends or save it to your phone. You can also apply different colors and filters to your video. The blue tones can be adjusted and the saturation of the blue tones can be changed.

The Text Captions feature can help you add captions to your video. These can summarize key ideas and highlight certain words. You can customize the text captions to fit the theme of your video. The Captions feature can also be used to highlight CTAs. You can even highlight certain words and phrases with this feature. You can even add a special effect to your video with the InShot feature.

There are several third-party apps that can help you trim a TikTok video. Some of these apps are InShot, Video Trimmer, and CapCut. Each of these apps has its own unique features and is able to help you trim a video.

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